As you probably know showing normally-hidden dotfiles in the Finder is painful, as (as far as I know) it still requires a Finder restart.

While doing some programming on my website recently I had to change Apache's .htaccess files quite often and upload them to a FTP site (which is my only access route to my website).

For this instead of reverting to using a text-mode FTP program I found the following method more practical:

  • open your favorite, drag-and-drop capable FTP application and connect to the FTP site you want to upload dotfiles to
  • open Terminal, type open /path/to/your/.file, this will open a window for your dotfile
  • each time you want to reupload your dotfile, drag the icon in the title bar of the dotfile window to the window listing the remote FTP directory contents... and drop it! You're done! :)