Since I moved to German-speaking Switzerland, I sometimes need to get Standard German translations of French words, or the opposite.

After some tinkering I settled on using Wiktionary, because:

  • it does not need you to state which language the word you want to translate is in: you only have to choose the target language
  • if you use Firefox's Smart Keywords, you may only have to type "de clock" or "en Urlaub" in the address bar to know what the German word for "clock" or the meaning of "Urlaub" respectively are
  • as a bonus, when translating to a foreign language, you are bound to use pages written in that language, which helps you to learn the foreign vocabulary for all things language!

The only drawback I can see as of now is that sometimes no translation will be available, but:

  • you can add the missing words yourself, wiki-style
  • all dictionaries lack some words anyway, and a community-based one probably stands the best chance to stay current