After much internal struggle, trying to begin to roll my own blogging software (but life is short...), and some gentle pushes from colleagues(*) and other friends, I finally got around starting my blog! :)

Although I am French, I will probably write mostly in English here, as I guess much of my prose will be about programming and other computer-related subjects, which might be of interest to a larger audience.

That said, some French may occasionally appear here for more personal writings, so don't be surprised! ;)

For the technically inclined, this uses a shared DotClear 2 (a blog engine that for now seems to mostly fit my picky requirements, and that says something!) and is hosted by Gandi (a nice registrar which so far seems to really care about its customers).

(*): Here I must really thank Thibault who, by writing down "my" first blogging idea, finally decided me to do it myself! ;)

Also thanks to Benjamin, a true social networks early adopter, which has for some time now been listening to my musings, rants and belated findings about these topics with amazing patience! :)